Exploring the Excitement of Working with Acrylics


11/17/20232 min read

As an artist, I've always worked in pastel. Recently, I decided to give acrylics a try, and I must say, it's been quite the adventure! The transition to acrylics has brought about a refreshing change in my artistic process.

One of the things I love most about working with acrylics is the ease with which I can achieve the shapes and forms I desire. Unlike pastels, where blending and layering can sometimes be a challenge, acrylics offer a more forgiving and versatile medium. With a brush in hand, I can effortlessly bring my imagination to life on the canvas.

Exploring a Subject in Depth

While working with pastels, I often found myself moving on to different subjects after completing each piece. However, with acrylics, I've discovered a new approach. I now tend to work on two or three pieces centred around the same animal or theme. This allows me to delve deeper into the subject, exploring different angles, colours, and techniques. It's fascinating to see how each piece evolves and tells its own unique story.

Embracing Second Chances

Another aspect I appreciate about working with acrylics is the opportunity to revisit and refine my favourite ideas. Unlike pastels, where mistakes can be difficult to correct, acrylics offer more room for experimentation and adjustment. If I'm not satisfied with a certain aspect of a painting, I can simply paint over it and start anew. This flexibility encourages me to push my boundaries and take creative risks without the fear of irreversible consequences.

The Thrill of Learning

Embarking on a journey with a new medium is always exciting. With each stroke of the brush, I am constantly learning and discovering new techniques and possibilities. Acrylics provide a wide range of effects, from thick impasto textures to delicate washes, allowing me to explore different styles and experiment with various artistic approaches. The learning process is ongoing, and I find myself eagerly looking forward to the next breakthrough.

In conclusion, working with acrylics has brought a fresh perspective to my artistic journey. The freedom of expression, the opportunity to explore subjects in depth, the ability to embrace second chances, and the thrill of learning have all contributed to a newfound excitement in my creative process. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, I highly recommend giving acrylics a try. Who knows what wonderful discoveries await you on your own artistic adventure!