This workshop is suitable for beginners and people who are looking to develop their pastel technique. We will break the process down into simple, achievable steps and practice a range of mixed media techniques which participants can use with a whole range of subjects

I got really excited the other day when I decided to do some studies of wolves! They really are a great animal for beginners to draw. A good introduction to wildlife art, also easy to transfer what you learn to pet portraits!

We will begin by looking at the structure of the face and sketching out the basic form in pencil. This will be transferred to pastel paper, here we will build up layers of gouache, pan pastel, soft pastel and pastel pencil. This gives participants the chance to find techniques which work for them. Stella will be on hand throughout the course demonstrating and assisting, to ensure that everyone comes away with a finished piece of work.

All equipment will be provided, and the atmosphere will be relaxed, with the focus on enjoying the process and losing yourself in the pleasure of creativity!